Double Column Heavy Duty Band Saw Machine

  • Heavy Duty, High Speed
  • High Productivity
  • Large Cross Section of Swing Frame
  • Integral Front & Rear Bed Design

Additional Information

Vertical saw Head :

Vertical Saw Head is Supported by two Rigid Induction hardened & Hard Chrome plated & ground columns. Blade tensioning is done by Manual / Hydraulically operated cylinders. Auto Hight sensor optimizes the ideal position of blade with least downtime.

Saw Feed :

Vertical Saw Head up-down motion is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders. Feed for various materials is regulated by temperature & pressure compensated flow control valve. FFC valve is provided to control the cutting pressure required for various types of materials & different tensile strength & BHN.

Clamping :

Clamping of job is done by hydraulically operated vice Jaws. Fixed vice jaws are perpendicular to the blade. The moving vice clamps the job with sufficient work pressure. For tube cutting, variable vice pressure will be provided as optional accessories.

Accuracy :

Taper 0.1 mm for 100 mm.

Band Wheels :

Drive & Driven band wheels with optimum center distance give smooth blade twisting force which results in the excellent performance of the blade.

Standard Equipment:
  • Complete electrical equipment with panel board, limit switch & electric motors
  • Complete hydraulic system with Yuken makes DC valve.
  • Coolant System with pump and piping.
  • Power-driven chip brush for easy chip removal from the blade.
  • One M42 grade bimetal blade.
  • Operation tools & spanners.
Band Wheels :
  • Chip Brushes
  • Roller table 1500 mm
  • Bimetal Band saw blade
  • Variable vice pressure
  • Variable-frequency Drive.


DCM- 340
Cutting capacity
340mm ø 340 mm
Blade Size
4650 X 34 X 1.1 mm
Drive Motor
5 HP
Hydraulic Motor
1.5 HP
Coolant Motor
0.15 HP
Band Tension
Machine Weights
2800 Kg.
207 mm
Overall Size L x W x H
2050 x 1950 x 1750