Fully Automatic Centering Plunge Facing Machine

Model - CFAM-500-1000

  • Toughened Guide ways of Machine Bed
  • Slide Feed Head Stocks
  • High Productivity


We manufacture boring machines which are basically used for making holes. It is widely used in auto parts industry for spearing knuckles in-car steering. Designed & engineered as per the desired specifications of the clients, we offer machines that are quick & consistent in their performance.


Admitted work length
40 mm
with Single vice min
110 mm
with Double vice min
500 mm.
Min. job dia. clamped in vice
15 mm
Max. job dia. clamped in vice
125 mm
Job Clamping system
Self Centering vice by Hydraulic motor force 2000 kg
Rapid Travel Speed
4200 mm/min
Spindle speeds
750, 1000 RPM
Max. Stroke of Slide
50 mm
Slide Feeding
Infinitely variable with hydraulic.
Max. Plunge face Diameter
63 mm
Centre Drill Sizes
BSS3 TO BSS6/as per ISI
Total Machine Power
10.15 H.P
• Spindle Power
3 H.P/each
• Hydraulic Motor Power
3 H.P
Coolant Motor
0.15 H.P/40 lpm
Overall Size LxWxH
2000 / 1300 / 1600
Machine Weight
1250 Kgs.