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Please Select Band Saw Machine DCM 650 Band Saw Machine DCM 550 Bandsaw Machine DCM 340 Band Saw Machine DCM 421 Band Saw Machine HSM 250 Vertical Bandsaw VT 350SA Vertical Bandsaw Machine VT-350 Band Saw Machine DCA 340 Band Saw Machine DCA 260 Band Saw Machine DCA 160 Band Saw Machines HSAF 250 Miling Machines Boring Machines Deep Hole Drilling Machines Rotary Transfer Machines Centring Plunge Facing Machine

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Sr.No.4369, Near GK Nagar, Off Factory - Yadrav Road,Shahapur, Ichalkaranji - 416115 Dist.: Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

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Quality and Assurance
We have set up a Quality Management System, which is followed rigorously throughout the organization. All the policies and guidelines are according to international standards. Our products also have a one-year warranty. We conduct various tests like alignment tests, dial gauge tests, etc., so that the products manufactured are flawless and completely defect-free. Our quality analysts test each and every product right from the procurement stage to the final delivery of the consignment. Quality has always been our benchmark and we endeavor to maintain the quality standards at every cost.